Sport Compact and Bike Weekend: Racing is what it’s all about

Sports Compact and Bike Weekend is fast approaching and racers are working hard to get ready for it.

The annual event takes place this weekend, Saturday, August 22 and Sunday, August 23 at Miramichi Dragway. Test and tune will take place Friday night, August 21, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Eric Murray is one person who will be there, not with his car, a turbo Honda but with another vehicle instead.

“I had engine problems last week so I won’t be racing my car. I’ll be bringing my truck just to race, just for some fun.”

Murray is helping to get the word out about the weekend race. He created an event on Facebook to promote and get people interested.

“I’ve been attending this weekend for ten years or more. My whole family races at Miramichi Dragway. A few years ago I started to help promote it to try and make the weekend as big as possible,” said Murray adding, “I’m just trying to help out in any way I can.”

Murray says he does it because he wants to see the race weekend continue to grow.

“The cars just keep on getting faster and it’s kind of nice because it gives the younger import owners a weekend to get to the track.”

Murray said it’s great to see the more high-powered cars running with the ‘regular joes’ at the track.

Murray says this is a good weekend for any new import, street car and bike owners to come and race if they’ve never tried it before. He adds there are lots of people there more than willing to help out, and explain things.

“We can run through things like staging, the burnout box, and all that staff. When it comes to the bracket racing, not everyone understands if they’ve never done it before but we try to help out with all that stuff.”

Murray continued. “Bring a helmet and make sure your car will pass the tech part and if everything goes good, you’ll have an awesome weekend trying out your car.”

As a promoter of the event, Murray also wants people to enjoy themselves off the track but to do it in moderation. “Respect the track and clean up after yourselves. Throw your garbage in a garbage can.”

Murray says everyone is hoping for a good car count with cars and bikes expected from across the Maritimes and Quebec. He adds people are hoping to see some cars crack the 9 second time to run a ¼ mile.

Cars from JD Racing, LA Racing, StanceEast in New Brunswick and BT Performance from Quebec are expected to make a showing at the Sports Compact and Bike Weekend.

“These are cars that are all running in the 10s. It’ll be interesting to see what happens,” said Murray.

But Murray said it’s not all about speed and time. “You get the fast cars and that’s what really drives the event. But it’s fun to get out and race your own car.”

“I did an 18 second pass when I started racing when I was 16 and I built up from there. That’s what I tell people, you have to start somewhere and enjoy the event. It takes time to get faster. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

But Murray said it is the fast cars that drives everyone else to want to go faster and improve their cars to reach that point.

“Years ago it was crazy for an import or a front-wheel drive car to run 10s. That was unheard of. But it happened and now guys are trying to reach 9s.”

Murray says from the feedback he’s heard and received, people are excited for the weekend.

“Guys are throwing something together for the weekend, piecing together something to get down the track. That’s what it’s all about.”

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