Miramichi Dragway Inc. has asked for help to finish bolting up guard rail at the track. This will happen rain or shine. Volunteers will be needed to install and tighten over 2300 bolts in the left hand guard rail on the MONDAY MAY 23 / 2016 at the Miramichi Dragway. Starting if we can by 8:30 (The quicker we start the sooner we will be done).
The work has to be done before the race on May 28 & 29.
Bring your electric impact guns, generators, 1 1/4″ wrenches, 1 1/4″ sockets, vise grips, pliers and pry bars to make this project go quickly. (Bring anything you think we may need.)

Reminder on Monday May 23 (finish bolting up guard rail)