Miramichi Dragway will be having their work party this coming Saturday, May 9th.  A few things need to get done for the start up for the High School Challenge and Test & Tune that will be held May 16th and 17th. Everyone is certainly welcome to come help out.  We certainly hope many of our NBDRA members will be able to find a bit of time to lend a helping hand.  Usually people start showing up around 8am.

From MRI Face book

1. Signage = These our sponsor signs alone fence & rails & tower & tech building & entrance & exits.We have all hardware Screws & tie raps but need battery drill & cutters for the job. Need 2 people but 4 would cut time in half.( Alot of signs days work)

2. Play Ground Area = Playground put back together and checked all over.Sand put in sand boxes and roped around. We have all hardware needed.Tools would be Battery drill.(This is quick job 2 people couple hours)

3. Water barrels = Water barrels loaded on tow truck.filled with water with pump out of creek ( on site) and placed on mark spots then roped together. 100 barrels with take 3 people to fill and place and 2 people to start roping.Have all hardware needed but bring Rain suit.( All day job)

4. Garbage Cans = 100 garbage cans loaded on trucks and passed around all over.Needed trucks unless tow truck is available.Track half ton also available.After new can’s may be needed.We have barrels and cutters for opening them.2 people per truck. Est. 3 hours work.

5.Sand Trap = Check over for rock and sand spread out.Trees to be cut alone new cleared area. 6 or 7 big trees sawed Junked and cleared out of area.We have rakes and tractor for sand but will need chain saw to cut trees.2 people all day job.( Will try to find Tractor with bucket)

6.Grand Stands = Need to be leveled with jack and blocking.Then boards need to be checked over and bad ones replaced.Cradle bolts hold boards to metal framing.Need electric impact and drill.generator & extension cords.We have hardware. 4 people few hours 2 people all day job.

7. Water = Sinks & wash tubs garden holes all installed.(Shower ? replaced or repaired) 2 people quick job.Battery Drill needed.We have hardwhare.

8.Pads Burnout Boxes = Pads & burnout boxes have to burned off. We have torches & blades.Needed Boots & gloves.

9. Grounds Clean Up = Big area and a lot of winter garbage laying around.We have garbage bags and bins.Need rubber boots.Very wet in fields.2 people all day job.

Miramichi Dragway will be having their work party this coming Saturday, May 9th