At the next races NBDRA will be taking memberships for the 2017 race season. New and returning members for 2017 and 2016 members will have a chance to fill out a ballot to win one of two NBDRA jackets. After we draw for the jackets we will have a draw with the balance of ballots for a tool set with an EST value of $100.
We are also promoting our $100 NBDRA sign board for the balance of the 2016 and for the complete 2017 racing season. (Pierre Roy has taken the project)

• Bronze $100
o 8”X10” sign on the 4’X8’ sponsor board for a one year sponsorship
o Board was to the left of the tech building in front of the compound but is being moved to the fence in the staging lanes

Memberships for the 2017 race season