well the 2014 version of the Atlantic Canada all out race is in the books. seems this year that sometimes mother nature wants to interrupt thing but the racers in attendance prevailed and most had a good weekend of runs. some had a great weekend getting in on the prize money and it was substantial again this year and some hogged as much as they could. those are the guys that are really smiling as they made some serious cash for their efforts. take for example the winner of real street class Dave Lee. at the end of a drive around the area and 2 qualifying passes and 3 rounds he picked up over $900.00 from the committee. not a bad days work, if you can get it. there was lots of highlights for racers as terry McGraw had lots of sticky down and the dragster cars were feasting on it. seen several passes with 1.0? 60′ times and the door cars were showing some personal bests and lowest in a long time clocking’s at the line. the high powered drag radial cars had work to do and some did manage to adjust for the conditions and get decent numbers but not the best they have seen. Scott Reynolds and his team were first to get the adjustments close and a few mid 7 second passed were the proof. and then there’s the carnage. lots of broken gear and it played into most classes. and I saw something I have never seen or heard of before but one dragster actually broke both axles on the launch at the same time. I thought it broke the housing from our new vantage point but I heard it was axles. and then there’s the story of the wayward torque converter/transmission. one participant was up on the converter at the starting line when most of the parts involved with the trans left the car in a ball of flames. quick action by the start line crew averted a disaster and the car was pushed away with a thick coat of extinguisher dust and some needed tranny work to get it race ready again. and no harm came to the driver either. all in all a good weekend of racing and the committee should be proud of the effort they put into it and for getting the sponsorship to do it again. although we did not get to qualify the fields for Sunday on Saturday we did manage to finish the real street deal and that was a plus considering it would rain a bit at the top or the bottom just enough to slow things to a crawl all day. some minor issues with the transition from the old booth to the new upstairs “penthouse” but it all worked and after 2 rounds of qualifying we had over 120 vehicles in 13 different classes for the show on Sunday morning. of particular note I saw on the monitor in front of me numerous (MOV) times to the fourth digit in several classes so it was close racing all around. so here’s a rundown of money winners from a great show;

real street #1 qualifier Dave Lee 1st place Dave Lee 2nd Andrew Heckbert 3rd Gerald Saulnier

index classes

12.90 #1 qualifier p4843 Pierre Roy 1st Pierre Roy 2nd Phillip Greene 3rd Corey Sprague

11.90 #1 qualifier Andrew Heckbert 1st Tony Lyons 2nd Brett Ramsay 3rd Andrew Heckbert

10.90 #1 qualifier Rene Parker 1st Rene Parker 2nd Greg Powers 3rd Robert Cormier

9.90 #1 qualifier Tyson Cowie 1st Tyson Cowie 2nd Ray Bourgue 3rd Walter Bird

8.90 #1 qualifier Mark Green 1st Jeremiah Lounsbury 2nd Chris O’Neil 3rd Mark Green


bike and sled #1 qualifier Kory Richardson 1st Kory Richardson 2nd Brett Folkins 3rd Darren Creamer

heads up bike #1 qualifier Nevin Scott 1st Kory Richardson 2nd Darren Creamer 3rd Nevin Scott

junior dragster #1 qualifier Rylie Green 1st Elliot Sprague 2nd Rylie Green 3rd Kala Bird

top e-t #1 qualifier Todd Chase 1st Trevor Cowie 2nd Chris O’Neil 3rd Don Auffrey

comp eliminator #1 qualifier Gerald Saulnier 1st Gerald Saulnier 2nd Denis Leblanc 3rd Brett Ramsay

drag radial #1 qualifier Scott Reynolds 1st Scott Reynolds 2nd Ivan Crewsdian 3rd Mike Boudreau

outlaw #1 qualifier Phillip Gyuk 1st Phillip Gyuk 2nd Chris Woods 3rd Boo King

so all said and done a pile of money handed out to quite a few different racers. some got more than one cheque and some did get 3 or more but the format for this does spread the cash prizes out to many different people and rewards them well. I believe there was over $16,000.00 in prize money passed around making this still one of the richest events of the season in the Maritimes. thanks to the organizing committee for having me over again and to the staff at M.D.P. for the work by them to get it done. Rudy and the “team” are making great stride to make this a top notch place to race and soon the scoreboards will be in place to enhance things a bunch more so the support of the racers is needed and muchly appreciated by them…….. till next year………… jeff for M.D.P. and ATLANTIC CANADA ALL OUT RACE 2014

Jeff’s report from MDI All Out Race August 8,9, 10th /2014