sorry for being late but it was late last nite getting home and early to work for the day. just completed a power nap so here goes.
was there racing, you bet and it was as hot as the weather. still in the old booth at mdp but it’s life is quickly coming to an end as todd chase is finishing up the electrical and others are doing other jobs getting the place ready for the transition to the new tower and the addition of the scoreboards. there has been lots of work to do, and done, since my last visit and most are doing it voluntarily as time permits with their own jobs and such. great job to date and it will be nice to see it come together soon.
there was some bumps in the program as weather played a part in both Saturday and Sundays program. after 3 rounds of gamblers on Saturday and one round of acssa s/ss class racing a major rain soaked things and all was cancled as the weather had lightning in the area. looked like it might clear for a bit but didn’t look like it would be enough to finish. sunday the forcast had late showers and it was spot on as the rain came around 4:30 – 5:00 pm. but this time an opertunity was present and with the help of staff and racers the program was completed after about an hour delay.
again it looked like terry McGraw had the grip people wanted and it didn’t change much throughout both days. another excellent job by the crew at the line and the rest of the people on staff.
normal issues from participants to resolve, and some computer issues as well but all were handled as quickly as possible. I am sure the computers hate me and my metal body parts, and those parts cause issues but i’ll be fixing that soon. have I ever mentioned how much I hate computers….
so heres the list from the weekendsuper pro;
1st benny niesten
2nd kandy mitton
3rd todd chase

1st Jeremy keans
2nd chad ramsay
3rd Conrad niesten

bike sled;
1st brian hedd
2nd shane bolger
3rd glenn frizzell

1st logan power
2ndJensen green
3rd hanna ranni

street / sportsman;
1st Justin cummings
2nd matthew auffrey
3rd mark murray

sport compact
1st jenna rippy
2nd provo

stock superstock
1st Jeremy keans
2nd Kelly mackay
3rd greg nickerson

big weekend coming up at M.D.P. as the atlantic Canada all out show is in town with it’s several classes and high horsepower cars tearing the place up. terry will have some work ahead of him but as the past years have showed he gets them the grip and it is an excellent show to watch. and word has it there is a sizeable bounty on boo king’s head for whoever can knock him out and bigger news is rumors abound of a new to the Maritimes pro mod type car that is supposed to debut this weekend. we will just have to wait till the weekend and go see for yourselves………….. jeff for M.D.P.

Jeff ‘s report from this August 2 & 3 weekend