LISTEN UP RACERS!!! Here’s a couple key notes for our upcoming event this weekend.

1- MDI will be hosting their first NHRA Chassis Certification session. That’s very exciting for everyone. Please respect the schedule made for this session. We would like for this session to happen as smooth and effective possible. Remember that if we are forced to cancel the race due to weather, Chassis certs is a must happen and will still be on.

2- It is our 2nd points meet of the season. For racers who missed the 1st points meet, it isn’t time to give up yet! Just a little bit of luck and driving skills and your right there in the run for points.

3- MDI will be having time trials on Friday from 3pm till 8pm at the cost of 30$ per car. We are also planning on having a 10$ gamblers race starting at 6pm. We will be using card system and it will be open to any class racer. If any interest in JR class, we will host a 5$ gamblers for them as well.

4- It is deadline weekend for pit spot $$$$. Please see Marc Comeau at the track or message me here on Facebook for payment arrangement.
Only 4 days away and we can’t wait!!! See you all there and please share.

From MDI Face Book