Year in Review

Thank You to All Members

We started our association a year ago with a list of items the track would like assistance in doing at our Miramichi track. I have listed to the best of my knowledge what has been completed and what we will be looking at doing next year 2015.

After assuming the president’s seat on our board I spent most of the summer catching up on work for our association. We had good financial support from the membership, sponsors, sales of t-shirts and hats. We had the paper work completed to incorporate our association, an NBDRA logo was completed and guidelines to assist our board in running our association were completed.

Congratulations to all racers and also to the NBDRA points winners in Junior :#1 Logan Power,#2 Rylie Green, #3Ashley Walker, in Bike and Sled :#1GlennFrizzell, #2Brian Hedd, #3Justin Stannard, in Street:#1 Richard Leger,# 2Christine Leeman, #3Greg Mitton, in Pro:#1Denis Murray,#2 Darren O’Brien,# 3Brett Ramsay, in Super Pro:#1 Kandy Mitton,# 2Todd Chase, and#3 Lynn Cormier.

With all the highs and lows of our first year I feel that we as an association have been a positive factor in the improvements at our track. In the next year 2015 I hope we can see more work done at the track, have our membership grow and increase our payouts at the end of the year points.

We will be taking new memberships and renewing member ships at any time.

Items updated at the track and items on the go in no particular order

  1. New tower DONE
  2. Tower cabinets DONE
  3. Relocation of the beer building, installing deck, and skirting DONE
  4. First few sets of grandstand moved closer to the track DONE
  5. Tower a/c installed DONE
  6. Guardrail replaced and repaired DONE
  7. Guardrail steel post installed DONE
  8. Some wooden guardrail post replaced DONE
  9. Score boards purchased and installed DONE
  10. Safety net purchased and installed in middle of sand trap DONE
  11. Speaker posts installed where required DONE
  12. Fence extended on pit lane DONE
  13. Old speaker posts removed and grounds repaired DONE
  14. Sound system speakers replaced DONE
  15. Rewiring of track sensors and sensors replaced DONE
  16. Washrooms, showers and septic system open for discussion
  17. Fences repaired on going
  18. Repair asphalt at the end of the concrete pad on hold
  19. Extending of the sand trap DONE
  20. Rewire old beer building needs to be done
  21. Grandstand painting needs to be done
  22. Bring water to new tower needs to be done
  23. Painting of guardrail and post needs to be done
  24. Signs to MDI at the road into track needs to be done
  25. New sensor boxes on going
  26. New sponsor board at launch pad needs to be done
  27. Clean up the south end of the pits the area called the swamp DONE
  28. Removed the old stage in camping area and store away the planking Done
  29. Paint new ticket booth near old tower needs second coat
  30. Straighten wires hanging around the guardrail, near the starting line. needs to be done
  31. Repaint the new tower (steel portion). needs to be done
  32. Paint outside window sills on new tower needs second coat
  33. Paint outside window sill needs second coat
  34. Cap window sills with metal needs to be done
  35. Minor repairs and a good clean up in old tower building needs to be done
  36. Window in tower needs to be tinted needs to be done
  37. Repair wooden fence at the left side of the track needs to be done
  38. Install a few more speakers along the fence sideways needs to be done
  39. Paint lines In Spring
  40. Bent guardrail needs to be taken away needs to be done
  41. Complete the cleanup of the camping area In Spring
  42. Trim trees at pit entrance In Spring
  43. Trim brush after sand trap In Spring
  44. Cut down trees at the end of the track In Spring
  45. More wiring to be done in the tower In Spring
  46. Protectors to protect tower windows from burnouts In Spring

Feel free to make suggestions at any time.   Tony Lyons (

2014 Year in Review